About Us

Bio Medical Scientific Services LLC

Bio Medical Scientific Services is an animatedly mounting biotechnology company focused on providing modern and technologically advanced products to the clinical diagnostic laboratories, universities, research intitutes and other health care organization

Since its foundation in 2008 as a small privately owned diagnostic company, Bio Medical Scientific Services has expanded its horizon to the field of life science research in last few years.

In diagnostic sector, Bio Medical Scientific Services is a major supplier of RIA products to various medical centers in the country along with other research institutes and universities. In addition to RIA kits and instrumentation our company is covering all the major areas of clinical laboratory diagnostics like microbiology, coagulation and homeostasis, clinical chemistry, histopathology and molecular pathology.

Quality & Standards

With an aging population and a growing focus on health-care issues, the demand for more sophisticated medical equipment and procedures along with a need for more cost-effective care delivery is high and, BioMSS are right in the thick of it.

BioMSS maintains and improves the vast amount of technological support required in modern healthcare and establish safety standards for medical devices.

Established in year 2008. An ISO Certified company, that focused on providing modern and advanced products for the Hospital laboratories, Universities, Research institutes and other Health care organization, with high standard and efficient way of service.

ISO Certificate

Our Mission

At BMSS, we filtered our suppliers/manufactures abroad according to the quality, certifications, technical support and efficiency up to delivering the goods to us. We aim to make a difference and add value to our suppliers, manufacturers associated in consumables used in the scientific arena. By providing high quality service through sales process and with a combination of our technical expertise and experience this will help us utilized our resources which will deliver us a desired outcome and build our world-wide reputation for innovation with END-USERS.

Our Vision

At BMSS our vision is to become a strong and leading Supplier with a global reputation for improving the quality and understands our customer issues knows what action to be done in shortest time which will provide superior outcome especially the customers value. Our goal is to be different amongst all other company by putting our CUSTOMERS INTEREST FIRST.