Biomss, established in 2008, is a dynamic and expanding provider of cutting-edge life science products to clinical diagnostic laboratories, universities, research institutes, and healthcare organizations. By carefully selecting partners based on quality standards, technical support, competitiveness, and efficient service delivery, we aim to make a positive impact and add value to our partners in the scientific arena. By delivering high-quality services throughout the sales process and leveraging our technical expertise, we aim to achieve desired outcomes, building a global reputation for innovation. 

Job Description

  • Develop a good understanding of all products in the company portfolio to readily assist Sales Team and Customer Service Department with any technical/scientific requests.
  • To investigate and assist in troubleshooting for any product complain.
  • Provide alternate product offer from our suppliers list whenever we have a query.
  • Specify Products that could be offer based on department/specialty or field of the customer.
  • Develop Technical and Educational Tools for internal and customer use that will provide a support for sales activities. i.e. include presentations, technical discussions, and run online demonstrations of the assigned platform for Life Science products and Scientific Applications.
  • Work collaboratively with Sales, Marketing team to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Able to respond to query within 24hrs.

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