Biomss at NYUAD Symposium

Biomss at NYUAD Symposium: Engaging Researchers

We are thrilled to announce our participation and share our remarkable experience as an exhibitor in the Genomics and Systems Biology Symposium XI at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). This premier event in modern biology holds great significance in the region and serves as an ideal platform for connecting with the scientific community and researchers in the UAE. The NYUAD Symposium, focusing on genomics and systems biology, offers a valuable forum for researchers and professors to expand their knowledge in these cutting-edge areas.

Attending the symposium sessions, workshops, and presentations provides participants with the opportunity to stay informed about the latest research, emerging technologies, and advancements in the field. Such knowledge acquisition is instrumental in enhancing their own research projects, teaching endeavors, and overall professional development. As an added element of excitement, Biomss organized an engaging pipetty raffle draw during the event, ensuring an immersive experience for visitors. Participants had the chance to win a pipetty each day, high-precision lightweight electronic pipette. The winners were thrilled to receive the world’s smallest and lightest pen-type pipette, pipetty from icomes. Pipetty is an ultralight electronic pipettor that offers exceptional accuracy and user comfort. Despite its small stature, pipetty delivers the highest precision with continuous temperature correction, ensuring unmatched dispensing accuracy.


This initiative not only incentivized attendees to visit our booth but also fostered positive connections and interactions between researchers and Biomss representatives.

Our team cherished this exceptional opportunity to actively engage with researchers from diverse disciplines and institutions across the UAE. The symposium facilitated fruitful discussions, insightful exchanges, and the establishment of valuable connections within the scientific community. We are immensely grateful for the enriching experiences shared with professors, researchers, and students alike.

For further information about the Genomics and Systems Biology Symposium XI, please visit the official event page

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