Eppendorf Cell Imaging Dish 35x10 glass bottom 145 umTC treated 30 per case

Eppendorf Cell Imaging Dish 35×10 glass bottom 145 umTC treated 30 per case

TC treated coverglass surface for reliable results when working with adherent cells
Easy access to the complete imaging area with immersion lenses for alleviated handling and advanced compatibility with microscopes
An 18 mm central cavity for defined growth and staining of cells for reduced costs of antibodies and dyes
Polygonal gripping zone for improved handling
Macroscopic orientation marks facilitate easy orientation
Low rim side walls allow for easy access for microinjection
Extraordinary planarity supports enhanced optical performance even during temperature shifts

product specifications:


Our 35mm Cell Imaging Dishes assist for premium performance in high-resolution microscopy of living and fixed cells. They are available in a thickness of 145µm or 170µm corresponding to coverglass thickness of 1.0 or 1.5.


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