Everlite 03

Everlite 03

With EVERLITE you can be even more efficient in everything you do. EVERLITE is ideal for uses where prolonged standing or walking may tend to induce foot discomfort or lower body fatigue, especially to be used in: Hospitals and Other Healthcare Institutions, Cleaning Companies, Pharmaceutical Industry, Geriatrics and Physiotherapists.

product specifications:


The sole is designed to reduce the risk of slipping.


Promotes the dissipation of accumulated static electricity.


Regulates the temperature and humidity of the foot.


Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Closed Heel

Additional support for the moments that require extra agility.

Removable Insole

It’s detachable to allow a deeper cleaning.

Shock Absorption

The special design helps to reduce the occurrence of micro-lesions in tendons, bones and joints, and the feeling of tired legs.

Super Light

Feelite™ technology produces remarkably light, resistant and comfortable footwear.


Style designed to be worn by men and women.

Upper Liquid Protection

Avoids the entrance of liquids inside the shoe.

Washable 50°

The footwear can be machine washed up to 50°.


Kindly refer to the above description.

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