Monkeypox virus Real-time PCR Kit, RUO

Monkeypox virus Real-time PCR Kit, RUO

NZYTech Monkeypox virus Real-time PCR Kit, RUO includes all reagents required to identify the presence of monkeypox virus DNA in a variety of relevant samples. DNA isolated and purified from different sample sources is amplified in a single reaction using two highly specific primers/probe sets. The probes specifically anneal to two regions of the monkeypox virus genome, namely B7R and CrmB genes. An additional primers/probe set acts as an endogenous internal control to detect nucleic acids of β-actin.

For research use only;
Triplex target assay (Monkeypox virus B7R and CrmB genes and human β-actin gene);
Positive control to validate assay included;
Internal control to confirm extraction / inhibition included

This test is intended for the in vitro qualitative detection of monkeypox virus genome. A positive result indicates the presence of Monkeypox virus DNA. This kit is intended for use by laboratory trained personnel, specifically instructed in real-time PCR techniques.


product specifications:


High Sensitivity

High Throughput

Up to 93 samples (96-well plate)


Designed to be used with a variety of qPCR instruments

Fast Time

< 50 min from nucleic acid extraction to results

Minimal sample input

As low as 2 μL sample needed


NZYSupreme qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x)
Monkeypox virus (B7R & CrmB genes)/ACTB PPMix (FAM™, HEX™ and Cy5™ labelled)
No-Template Control
Monkeypox virus (B7R & CrmB genes) /ACTB Positive Control

Storage conditions: -30 °C to -15 °C


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