PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® Validated Antibodies

PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® Validated Antibodies

Leinco Technologies offers purified (PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® Ready) antibodies that are ‘Ready to Conjugate’ to oligonucleotides (barcodes). These antibodies are formulated in conjugation ready buffers to minimize the antibody preparation needed when performing a PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® barcode conjugation. PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® Ready antibodies are validated according to tissue preparation, such as fresh frozen (FF) or fresh frozen paraffin-embedded (FFPE), and by tissue screened, such as liver, spleen, tonsil, brain, etc.

Can’t find a specific antibody/clone? Check back periodically or contact our team as new clones are validated and added to the list frequently.

Want a specific barcoded antibody/clone? Contact our team and we will help you!

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