QuadCount Automated Cell Counter 230V

QuadCount Automated Cell Counter 230V

A finely tuned, motorized XYZ positioning stage provides for extra fine focusing and ability to capture multiple images. The advanced software eliminates human bias in dead/live determinations, reduces counting errors, saves time, and improves efficiency. The QuadCount utilises a unique 4-chambered disposable QuadSlide™, four samples can be processed in one slide.

3 count modes available to analyse different sample volumes:
Quick mode: 0.15µL / 20 seconds (1 image frame)
Normal mode: 0.9µL / 30 seconds (6 image frames)
Precise mode: 3.6µL/ 100 seconds (24 image frames)

product specifications:


The Accuris QuadCount™ improves on the simple technique of brightfield microscopy by utilising an LED light source, precision optics and a high resolution CMOS detector


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